1st degree assault

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1st Degree Assault - Assault in the 1st Degree is a Class A Felony and is defined as, with intent to inflict great bodily harm; assaults another with a firearm or any deadly weapon or by any force or means likely to produce great bodily harm or death; or administers, exposes, or transmits to or causes to be taken by another, poison, the human ...

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ASSAULT IN THE FIRST DEGREE (Felony Assault; Serious Physical Injury) Penal Law § 120.10(4). (Committed on or after Sept. 1, 1967) The (specify) count is Assault in the First Degree. Under our law, a person is guilty of Assault in the First Degree when, in the course of and in furtherance of theApr 28, 2021 · Kodak Black has entered a guilty plea in a legal case stemming from his assault of a high school student in 2016, as local CBS affiliate WBTW reports. The rapper was indicted on first degree ...

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Sexual Assault: Section 940.225 of the Wisconsin Statues created four degrees of sexual assault. The degrees are based upon the amount of force used by the perpetrator and the harm done to the victim. Section 948.02 regards age of the victim. First, second and third degree sexual assaults are felonies; fourth degree sexual assault is a misdemeanor.8 hours ago · The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has made an arrest in relation to an assault with intent to commit first-degree sexual abuse offense on Oct. 4. At approximately 5:30 p.m. in the 2000 block of G Street, NW, the suspect assaulted the victim with the intent to force the victim to engage in a sexual act.

3rd Degree Burglary; 1st Degree Assault; 2nd Degree Assault; Destruction of Property less than $1000; Malicious Destruction of Property. This entry was posted on October 15, ...The assault sent a 26-year-old man to the hospital with a swollen right eye, ... Bonkiewicz said police found Rutherford at the home and arrested him on suspicion of first-degree assault.